Local Grocery Stores

Food City (5.9 miles, about 10 minutes)

Phone: 276-773-2751
5680 E Main Street, Independence, Va
Monday-Saturday: 7am-10pm Sunday: 8am-10pm

Kroger Store (21 miles, about 35 minutes)

Phone: 276-236-2841
544 Stuart Drive, Galax, Va
Every day: 7am-10pm
Note: Some organic produce. Alcohol sold after 12 noon on Sundays

Ingle's Market (approx 38 miles/ 45 minutes)

Phone: 336-246-2804
60 Ashemont Drive, West Jefferson
Every day: 7am-11pm
Note: Larger selection of organic foods & produce.
Alcohol sold after 12 noon on Sundays

Lowes Foods, Sparta (approx 25 miles/ 30 mins)

Phone: 336-372-5691
665 S Main Street, Sparta, NC
Mon.-Thurs: 7am-10pm Fri. & Sat: 7am-11pm Sun: 8am-10pm
Note: *Alcohol sold after 12 noon on Sundays

Una's Cornucopia~ Natural Vitamins, Health Foods, & Herbs

Phone: 336-372-6959
28 West Whitehead Street, Sparta, NC
Tues, Thurs, Fri: 10am-5pm, Sat: 10am-1pm
Note: This is a small store front with emphasis on vitamins, a small variety of natural foods, high quality oils, etc, but no produce.